Integrated Phone Solutions from LAN Network Connections, Inc.

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you have small needs. To stay competitive, you need the flexibility, capabilities, and automation of large enterprises, but tight budgets often seem to keep these out of reach. To keep your business running, you need someone who is more than just a phone service. You need a partner that will help you manage your entire communications network as a whole.

At LAN Network Connections Inc., we understand the needs of small businesses. Our family owned and operated business can help you get a handle on your communication headaches, helping you to help your clients smoothly and efficiently. Let us handle the minutia so you more time to manage your business the way you always wanted.

Our Team

VoIP Phone Servers

On-Premise Customized Phone Servers

We will build and customize your phone server to meet the specific demands of your business, whether you need a simple just-let-it-ring process, or you need multi-level call trees with call queuing to remote phones across multiple sites. We’ll match the hardware to your work load, then set up the call features you need, including:

  • Expandable voicemail storage
  • Interactive voice menus
  • External call forwarding
  • Desktop integration
  • Web access to voicemail and extension settings
  • Remote extensions
  • Conference rooms
  • Call queuing with static and dynamic agents
  • Much, much more

Small Business Growth

Room to Grow and Then Some

With our on-premise server, you don’t need to feel locked in to your current set-up. We want you to grow, and that means allowing your phone system to grow with you. That’s why we have:

  • No limits on the number of simultaneous calls you can make or receive
  • Phone numbers available in all U.S. States directed right to your office
  • Compatible with a wide variety of phone manufacturers – no vendor lock-in
  • Industry standard hardware means repair and expansion is easy and inexpensive

Affordable VoIP Service

No one should have to pay for more than what they use. That’s why we offer a VoIP service that is as customizable as our phone servers, so you can pick what you need, when you need it, and only keep it as long as you do. Coupling this with our metered billing plan, you no longer need to pay for what you “could” use, only what you actually use.

  • No per-trunk fees
  • No per-extension fees on our on-premises servers
  • Low 1.9 cents per minute on calls within North America*
  • Inbound toll-free calls at 2.9 cents per minute
  • No long-distance charges
  • Unlimited phone numbers at $2 per month each
  • E911, Caller-ID name lookup, and fax-to-email service each at $2 per month per number

*Excludes premium rate centers.