VoIP Services

Our VoIP service comes pre-configured on each server we deliver, so you can get started right away. This service offers the quality and features you need, but with a pricing structure that continues our only-pay-for-what-you-use philosophy.

Metered Service

  • Low $0.019 per minute on calls within US48 and Canada
  • Outbound international and premium-rate North American calls priced by destination
  • Calls measures in 6 second increments with no minimum duration
  • No pre-paid balance to maintain

Toll-Free Numbers

  • Toll-Free numbers available in all US states
  • $2 activation for new numbers and $2 per month
  • $0.029 per minute on inbound toll-free calls

Extensive Coverage

  • Local numbers available in all US states and Puerto Rico for $2 activation and $2 per month
  • International numbers available, priced by location.

Text Messaging

  • Text-enable any local or toll-free number
  • Receive and send texts via email, or forward the texts to another number


  • Multiple inbound and outbound trunks help protect against Internet routing failures
  • Calls automatically fail over to a phone number of your choosing in the event of equipment or power failure
  • Fully compatible with multiple Internet connections should you need maximum up-time


  • Fax-to-Email services let you receive any fax as an email attachment right in your inbox
  • Email-to-Fax services let you send an attachment as an email, and it will be faxed to your specified destination
  • Fax enable any qualified phone number for $2 per month
  • $0.038 per minute for faxes